The main work is done on the level of the working groups: Research Committee, Working Group Technical Breeding Services and Marketing Committee.

The strategic objectives of the Research Committee are:
  • to encourage new technologies and services with a potential for animal breeding
  • to establish the basic principles for the collection and processing of new traits ac-cording to the market demands
  • to aspire convergent development as well as high quality for the processes of the member organisations
  • to extend the basic principles for a formulation of the breeding aim adapted to our production systems
  • to develop basic principles for the genomic selection and combat economically important genetic defects of the main Swiss breeds
  • to enlarge services for herd management, e.g. optimal use of milk laboratory values for feeding
  • to encourage the zootechnical know-how through lobbying and allocation of research mandates
The tasks of the Working Group Technical Breeding Services are:
  • Development and implementation of common procedures for herd-book keeping, for milk and beef recording, for health recording as well as for conformation recording (linear description and classification) and treatment of questions concerning the application in the estimation of breeding values
  • Definition of guidelines for approval and checking of milk meters for the milk record-in by the breeding associations
  • Approval of new milk meters and control of the annual check of the meters in collar-oration with Agroscope (state research station) as well as approval of the inspection units
  • Standardisation of laboratory activity through the insertion of a reference laboratory and ring-tests
  • Checking of new lactation calculation methods
  • Promotion of data exchange between the breeding organisations and their partners. Coordination of data interface cattle Switzerland
  • Promotion of new technologies and services with a potential for animal breeding and herd management
  • Development of quality insurance systems for all procedures of herd-book keeping, performance recording and linear description
  • Coordination of data collection and exchange with Identitas AG / TVD (Swiss stock movement database)
  • Coordination of DNA typing and parentage check with the laboratories
  • Coordination of data transmission
The tasks and aims of the Marketing Committee are:
  • to coordinate, within the sector (cattle breeding, producers of genetics, cattle export), the efforts for basic communication / marketing and the efficient use of federal funds for sales promotion
  • to represent the political interests of the sector in relations with the competent au-thirties
  • to lobby for the market opening and dismantling of trade restrictions in other count-tries
  • to stand up for a high quality of their activities and of export of genetics (including quality insurance)
  • to engage itself in concerns which are important for the international competitive-ness of Swiss cattle breeding.
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